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Crap I Found This Week (4/13/13)

April 14, 2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported in, so let’s just right into it!
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First up, a couple of Gamestop finds, as I fill up a few holes in my Wii library. Standard price for Mario’s Tennis, $17.99 used, but Opoona was a pleasant find at $4.99. Heard good things about this slow paced action RPG, and for once, it was cheaper at Gamestop that it goes for online.
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Speaking of online, I ordered a copy of Code of Princess from Amazon after the price drop, totally expecting the standard edition, but to my surprise I got a copy of the premium pre-order version! Bonus! I also got some random Gameboy game off eBay, Adventures of Star Saver. It’s an old Taito platformer/shooter; hard as hell, but has some groovy music. At 99 cents, I actually paid more for shipping!
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A quick stop at a pawn show revealed a handful of label-less GBA carts at the bottom of a box of old Atari crap. The guy behind the counter was asking $2 for each, but since there was no telling what games they were, he *generously* offered to sell me all eight for $15 cash. A *whole* dollar off, thanks guy.
And unfortunately, they all turned out to be Disney or Nickelodeon licensed garbage, except for one, which turned out to be the excellent Astro Boy: Omega Factor. How this Treasure developed shooter ended up in the collection of a deranged kid to loved to mutilate his games is beyond me, but I’m glad I was able to save this copy from oblivion.

Now, off to the dirt mall!
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One of the first booths had bins filled with old Happy Meal toys, and I was surprised to see a FlingSmash plush sitting on top! I think it was some sort of Gamestop pre-order bonus, but seeing as how I’m probably one of the few people on earth who actually liked the game, I picked it up, along with the Boo toy, for 25 cents each.
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Another guy was selling these “Gameboy games” for $3 each. Niiiice.
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The SNES games were a lucky score, as I came upon the seller’s table just as he was setting them out, along with a big sign that said “Everything $1.00”.
The Genesis 3 was an interesting story… came upon one table loaded with gaming systems, including a Gamecube that looked like it had diet cola spilled on top of it. I saw the Genesis 3 and asked how much it was.
“Hold on,” the lady replied, “I gotta look it up on my phone.”
Oh geez, I thought, she’s looking it up on eBay. I simply hate it when people look up the price on eBay right in front of you. If I wanted to pay eBay prices, I’d freakin’ stay at home and buy it on eBay. I was just about to turn around and walk away when she walked back to me.
“I don’t see it on here… uh, five bucks?”
Sold. It’s a pretty damn good deal, though it’s just the bare unit. I don’t collect Genesis stuff, but I have a friend who does, so it’ll be going to him.
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Amid a stack of crappy Gamecube games, a couple of quality items for $2 each.
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And finally, a Goodwill find. Browsing through the DVDs, I found a couple of DS games marked at $5, Cooking Mama and Brain Age. I looked to see if the cartridge inside Cooking Mama had been stolen yet, and to my surprise it was still there. And upon opening up Brain Age…
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Yeah, I should start looking in DS cases more often.

The Return of the fall… and further fallening of Sonic the Hedgehog (Part 2)

October 5, 2011

Previously, I said that after many months of waiting for a price drop, I finally picked up Sonic Colors for the Wii. This came after many disappointments from the blue rodent, and even after many glowing reviews I was hesitant, but after it dropped to just over $19, I decided to risk it. After several days, it arrived on my doorstep. I tore open the package and popped the disc in. This was it. Sonic’s last chance.

Oh boy… another 4Kids worthy intro video… horrible singing… though the music itself ain’t that bad. Aw, dammit, the song’s in my head now.

Hey, the orchestrated version on the title screen is actually pretty damn good. And you can actually control the camera… nice.

What? No long winded cinema scene about evil clones, ancient gods or werehogs? Right into the action? That’s… damn, thanks Sega! And the music is pretty damn good here, no talentless hack singing about racing through a theme park? Control’s a little squirrely, but nothing I can’t quickly get used to. The 2D segments are full of platforming goodness, the level designs are interesting, the 3D segments are quick and to the point, there are occasional cut scenes, but they’re actually kind of amusing and well acted, and…

Oh my God…


They did it. They finally did it.

A Sonic game that doesn’t suck, isn’t merely mediocre, but is actually GOOD!

I spent the whole game waiting for the other shoe to drop… thankfully, I can say that it never did. The whole game (well, maybe not the 2 player mode, more on that later), has a certain polish to it, it actually feels like, well, EFFORT was put into it. Little touches, such as the fact you can jump and break through the results score at the end of a stage to find random 1ups, stand out to me. The camera, probably Sonic’s biggest enemy, has finally been fixed; the only issue I ever had was when it drew back from the action too far, to a point where I had a hard time seeing Sonic, but those instances were few and far between. The music is outstanding, enshewing the Pearl Jam from previous entries for a more orchestrated/electropop feel. Also worth noting is the voice acting, which is vastly improved by recasting Sonic and Tails. Robotnik, however, nearly steals the show, as he is constantly speaking over the park’s P.A. system, and each smartass comment is more hilarious than the last.

The plot is also fairly lighthearted this time around… no ancient gods or evil clones here, just Robotnik acting like a dick, creating an interstellar amusement park as a cover for kidnapping aliens to use as a power source to, you guessed it, take over the world.
Of course, none of this would matter if the gameplay wasn’t any good. Fortunately, the gameplay (finally) delivers, with (mostly) 2D platforming action, interspersed with 3D speed segments, and it all controls rather well. The aliens Sonic rescues also give him the “Color” powers of the game, allowing him to burrow through the ground or hover in the air, which gives you plenty of opportunites to explore the levels and find hidden areas, and you’ll have to explore them all to unlock hidden levels within the 8-bit themed “Sonic Simulator”, which is basically a 2 player mode that works much better in theory than in practice. Fortunately, you can play through it in single player mode.

They even found a way to make the water levels in a Sonic game not only tolerable, but actually FUN. The only negative thing I can say about the game is that the difficulty spikes pretty high in the last few stages, mainly due to poorly placed (or in one case, lack of) checkpoints. That, and the credits song is an auto-tuned piece of garbage. But hey, those are all minor notes in what is Sonic’s best game since his 16-bit days. If you enjoy platformers, then by all means, check out Sonic’s latest adventure. It’s a Sonic game that finally makes him a contender against that pesky plumber again.

I think it was in the game’s fourth world, Planet Wisp, when it finally clicked… I was jumping around, smashing through blocks and zipping through tight spots, when I realized… hey, I’m actually ENJOYING this. THIS… this is what Sonic should’ve been all along. No tag teaming with his shitty friends. No manditory fishing games. No epic final battle with a demon god. And no making out with a human. Just Sonic bouncing along a bunch of grassy hills, gaining enough speed to leap up and grab some rings. That’s all we need, Sega. Just keep that in mind and Sonic will be just fine.

The fall… and further fallening of Sonic the Hedgehog

October 1, 2011

My Wavebird skidded across the floor… why, you might ask? Well, I had thrown it out of frustration while playing Sonic Heroes. It was 2004, after the whole “Sega Goes Third Party” dealie, and this was Sonic’s first brand new multi-platform game. This was the one, they promised, the one that would return to the fun of the Genesis titles (oh, how many times they would re-use THAT line over the years). I somewhat enjoyed the two Sonic Adventure games, in spite of the horrid level designs that would plague the latter halves of both of the titles, not to mention that gawd-awful camera.

And here it was, years later, and I was still having the same issues, only moreso. I was in some stupid haunted house stage, trying to get Sonic and his loser friends through to the end. The level design was insipid, and the camera had somehow gotten worse, deciding right in the middle of a jump that it should cut to a different angle, causing me to plummet to my death. But it was one segment that caused me to just turn the game off forever… to get across a bottomless pit, I had to homing attack a series of enemies. Only one problem… half the time Sonic would not auto target an enemy, and plummet to his death. I could NOT get past that segment due to the stupid camera and awful controls. Finally, I said those three magic words I’m sure anyone probably said while playing a modern Sonic game.

“Fuck this SHIT.”

I pressed the power switch on my Gamecube, took out the disc and put it back in its case, never to be played again. Fifty bucks down the drain, that I could’ve spent on a GOOD game. Or some decent entrees at a good restaurant. Or fifty 20oz bottles of Pepsi.

The next several years were not kind at all to Sonic… not in the least. Things only went downhill after Heroes, with some terrible spin-offs like Sonic Riders and Sonic and the Secret Rings, culminating with the universally reviled “Sonic 2006“, which most assumed would be the death-kneel for the series. The only bright spot was Sonic Rush on the DS, which was decent, if only because it was a 2-D platformer that kept the spirit of the Genesis games alive. And in all honesty, I was disappointed. I was a Nintendo kid growing up, but I still enjoyed playing the Sonic games on my friend’s Genesis. I wasn’t a console snob; I’d play anything if it was fun. So it was kind of sad to see Sonic go out like this, with the best memory gamers would have of modern day Sonic was his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

When Sonic Unleashed was revealed, it showed a lot of promise, with a comprimise of both 2-D and 3-D gameplay, and many people believed it could finally be the game that redeemed Sonic. Even I started to believe that Sega learned from their mistakes and stopped shoving in more stupid friends and pointless gimmicks…

Until that damn werehog showed up.

At that point, I gave up hope. Sega had learned nothing, and Sonic was doomed to suck. Not that it mattered much to me, as Nintendo was providing plenty of platforming love in the shape of Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Even when a new, Wii exclusive Sonic game was announced, I dismissed it, expecting some other stupid gimmick to be involved.

Then the reviews and player feedback started to come out. And it was almost all POSITIVE. Sega had actually pulled off the impossible, brought out an enjoyable Sonic game that wasn’t filled with gimmicks, horrible controls, or an insipid story involving clones or ancient gods. But still, I resisted. I’d been burned too many times already, and I wasn’t going to be fooled by that blue bastard again. I told myself that if I ever saw the game for under twenty bucks, I would pick it up, since I could probably recoup my purchase by reselling it if it sucked. And for nearly a year, it stayed in the $40-50 range.

Then, one day, while browsing, I saw it marked down to $19.16.

“Oh, fine. What the hell.”

I placed it into my shopping cart and clicked ‘Check Out’.

to be continued