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New Super Luigi U

November 5, 2013

Having recently picked up a Wii U (finally!), I indulged in a little spending spree, which consisted of Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, New Super Mario Bros. U and Wind Waker HD. And the first game I decided to play (well, after Nintendo Land, of course) was… New Super Luigi U.
And why not? It IS the Year of Luigi after all.
Having not played the Mario flavor of this game (outside of the kiosk at Gamestop), it was an interesting experience to play the expansion pack before playing the actual game. Luigi’s jump is more skittish, yet farther reaching than Mario’s, and the level design reflects that. Once you clear the game, you can revert the jump physics back to Mario’s standard, which could actually make the game more challenging. The levels are short, but you are given a mere 100 seconds in each, which means less of a focus on exploration and more on just surviving to the end of the stage.

Not that there’s no exploration of course. There are still plenty of Star Coins tucked away in hidden places, and a dozen or so secret exits and levels to uncover. As for the challenge, I didn’t really find the game all that difficult…
Until I reached the last two worlds of the game, Peach’s Castle and Superstar Road. That’s when the controller tossing and swearing began, as poor Luigi met his end more times than I care to admit, and I found myself finally resorting to a P-Acorn late in the game, lest I embed my Wiimote in the wall. Superstar Road in particular proves just how much the staff of the game has a sadistic glee of making us suffer… just mention “Fire Bar Sprint” to anyone who has 100 percented this game and watch them break out into a cold sweat.

As an expansion pack to the original game, New Super Luigi U is worthy of carrying the name “Luigi”. Though the story and world map are the same, the new levels are packed with creative ideas and a high level of difficulty, as if someone at Nintendo heard the taunts that the New Super Mario Bros games were too easy and took the challenge to make the players sweat. Well, Mr. Nintendo Programmer, mission accomplished.

Super Mario All-Stars + World

September 2, 2011

I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a thing for mustachioed Italian plumbers…


NOT like that, you sick bastards! I’m talkin’ the awesomeness that is the Super Mario videogame series.

Super Mario Bros. DOMINATED my childhood (and teenhood, and adult hood), and it’s probably no surprise that I’ve spent more gaming hours playing Mario related games than any other series. The controls, the gameplay, hidden secrets and tons of challenging levels kept me coming back to these games time and time again, even as Mario leaped to the third dimension and journeyed into space.

The three NES games came out during the perfect time in my life, when I was young enough not to have much responsibility, and old enough to have decent motor skills. Suffice to say Mario WAS my life for a while there. So when Super Mario All-Stars was released, it was the perfect excuse to play through these games all over again.

It was a little bit later that Nintendo started to bundle new Super NES units with a special version of Super Mario All-Stars that included Super Mario World. One might think Nintendo would just slam both ROMS together on a cart with a simple select screen and call it a day. But they actually worked Super Mario World into the actual game select screen in All-Stars (and even added an extra save slot!), as well as insert Yoshi into the new title screen. It was actually quite smoothly done, but they even went the extra mile with Super Mario World, by giving Luigi a bit of a makeover. In SMW, he was simply a pallete swap with Mario, but in the All-Stars version, they altered his sprite, making him a bit skinner and giving him new unique animations, both during gameplay and during the cut scenes that appeared after defeating a Koopa Kid. Since the game was only available bundled with new systems, it’s actually kind of hard to find now, at a decent price anyway. I was able to pick up a copy myself rather cheap, long before the retro nostalgia kicked up and sent prices skyrocketing.

Luigi sprites shamelessly stolen from The Mushroom Kingdom. You should visit them. They are totally awesome!

Oddly enough, this version was only released in America and Europe; Japan never got this edition, which may explain why last year’s Wii Super Mario All-Stars Special Edition only gave us the standard Super Mario All-Stars (well, that, and Super Mario World was being sold for eight bucks on the Virtual Console). Kind of a shame, since the little differences in the two games really stand out to die-hard Mario fans.

If you’re a Mario fan, and you ever spot this cartridge out in the wild, grab it! It’s a very interesting collectable, and a nice piece of Nintendo nostalgia.