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Crap I Found This Week (4/13/13)

April 14, 2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported in, so let’s just right into it!
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First up, a couple of Gamestop finds, as I fill up a few holes in my Wii library. Standard price for Mario’s Tennis, $17.99 used, but Opoona was a pleasant find at $4.99. Heard good things about this slow paced action RPG, and for once, it was cheaper at Gamestop that it goes for online.
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Speaking of online, I ordered a copy of Code of Princess from Amazon after the price drop, totally expecting the standard edition, but to my surprise I got a copy of the premium pre-order version! Bonus! I also got some random Gameboy game off eBay, Adventures of Star Saver. It’s an old Taito platformer/shooter; hard as hell, but has some groovy music. At 99 cents, I actually paid more for shipping!
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A quick stop at a pawn show revealed a handful of label-less GBA carts at the bottom of a box of old Atari crap. The guy behind the counter was asking $2 for each, but since there was no telling what games they were, he *generously* offered to sell me all eight for $15 cash. A *whole* dollar off, thanks guy.
And unfortunately, they all turned out to be Disney or Nickelodeon licensed garbage, except for one, which turned out to be the excellent Astro Boy: Omega Factor. How this Treasure developed shooter ended up in the collection of a deranged kid to loved to mutilate his games is beyond me, but I’m glad I was able to save this copy from oblivion.

Now, off to the dirt mall!
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One of the first booths had bins filled with old Happy Meal toys, and I was surprised to see a FlingSmash plush sitting on top! I think it was some sort of Gamestop pre-order bonus, but seeing as how I’m probably one of the few people on earth who actually liked the game, I picked it up, along with the Boo toy, for 25 cents each.
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Another guy was selling these “Gameboy games” for $3 each. Niiiice.
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The SNES games were a lucky score, as I came upon the seller’s table just as he was setting them out, along with a big sign that said “Everything $1.00”.
The Genesis 3 was an interesting story… came upon one table loaded with gaming systems, including a Gamecube that looked like it had diet cola spilled on top of it. I saw the Genesis 3 and asked how much it was.
“Hold on,” the lady replied, “I gotta look it up on my phone.”
Oh geez, I thought, she’s looking it up on eBay. I simply hate it when people look up the price on eBay right in front of you. If I wanted to pay eBay prices, I’d freakin’ stay at home and buy it on eBay. I was just about to turn around and walk away when she walked back to me.
“I don’t see it on here… uh, five bucks?”
Sold. It’s a pretty damn good deal, though it’s just the bare unit. I don’t collect Genesis stuff, but I have a friend who does, so it’ll be going to him.
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Amid a stack of crappy Gamecube games, a couple of quality items for $2 each.
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And finally, a Goodwill find. Browsing through the DVDs, I found a couple of DS games marked at $5, Cooking Mama and Brain Age. I looked to see if the cartridge inside Cooking Mama had been stolen yet, and to my surprise it was still there. And upon opening up Brain Age…
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Yeah, I should start looking in DS cases more often.

Tales of a Coin Rush Convert

September 7, 2012

Only about two weeks after its release, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is certainly a polarizing title among Nintendo fans, with many people complaining that it’s a cheap cash-in, reusing assets from the Wii edition to create a rushed game, while others look past the familiar graphics and sound to find solid gameplay and level design. While the debate about the merits of the game will likely go on for some time (my opinion… I have yet to play a bad Mario game, and this isn’t one of them) one of the key new features touted for this release is the Coin Rush mode, which challenges you to dash through three randomly selected courses in a limited amount of time, grabbing as many coins as possible. One could look at it as a very shallow way to add gameplay to a game that’s already lacking in gametime. And in all honesty, when the game released, I could have cared less about Coin Rush, as long as I had a decent single-player game to enjoy. Coin Rush mode was the furthest thing from my mind when I picked up the game.

…So why can’t I stop playing it?

Like most things Nintendo, the concept is very easy to grasp, but difficult to master. The first couple of runs will likely only net you a few hundred coins, barely enough to even register on the looming counter ticking slowly up to the 1,000,000 goal. But you begin to learn new tricks and tactics, such as new Gold Mushrooms worth 50 coins appearing where 1up-Shrooms were placed in the regular game. Or snagging Star Coins now add more coins to your total. Or the fact that snagging the Gold Flower will double the values of these items, and gives you even more coins for bashing baddies. You will soon find yourself replaying the same courses over and over again in order to develop new strategies and find new ways to maximize your coin total.

But things get even more interesting in with Streetpass. It’s very much an extension of the “Time Trial” Streetpass tags in Super Mario 3D Land, in which you suddenly find yourself challenged by some stranger who has the AUDACITY to think he’s a better player than you. How dare this fool, this jerk, this ASSHOLE, come into my 3DS and challenge me! He must be destroyed! And the glee you feel when you beat his own record, as well as the rage when you discover he somehow doubled your own coin count, is its own incentive to keep playing. I know many people lament the lack of online leaderboards (which, in all possiblity, be added in a future update patch), but I find the Streetpass method to be much more personal. With online leaderboards, you go out looking for trouble. With Streetpass, it almost feels like an invasion you must ward off with feats of AWESOMENESS.

Nintendo has also mentioned they plan to sell Coin Rush course packs via the eShop in the future, with brand new courses to rush through, which is a wonderful idea to extend the life of the game. New Super Mario Bros. 2 may not be the most original Mario title in recent years, but Coin Rush is amazingly addictive and fun, challenging you to make that one perfect run, and then spread your legend through Streetpass.