Crap I Found This Week (4/13/13)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported in, so let’s just right into it!
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First up, a couple of Gamestop finds, as I fill up a few holes in my Wii library. Standard price for Mario’s Tennis, $17.99 used, but Opoona was a pleasant find at $4.99. Heard good things about this slow paced action RPG, and for once, it was cheaper at Gamestop that it goes for online.
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Speaking of online, I ordered a copy of Code of Princess from Amazon after the price drop, totally expecting the standard edition, but to my surprise I got a copy of the premium pre-order version! Bonus! I also got some random Gameboy game off eBay, Adventures of Star Saver. It’s an old Taito platformer/shooter; hard as hell, but has some groovy music. At 99 cents, I actually paid more for shipping!
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A quick stop at a pawn show revealed a handful of label-less GBA carts at the bottom of a box of old Atari crap. The guy behind the counter was asking $2 for each, but since there was no telling what games they were, he *generously* offered to sell me all eight for $15 cash. A *whole* dollar off, thanks guy.
And unfortunately, they all turned out to be Disney or Nickelodeon licensed garbage, except for one, which turned out to be the excellent Astro Boy: Omega Factor. How this Treasure developed shooter ended up in the collection of a deranged kid to loved to mutilate his games is beyond me, but I’m glad I was able to save this copy from oblivion.

Now, off to the dirt mall!
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One of the first booths had bins filled with old Happy Meal toys, and I was surprised to see a FlingSmash plush sitting on top! I think it was some sort of Gamestop pre-order bonus, but seeing as how I’m probably one of the few people on earth who actually liked the game, I picked it up, along with the Boo toy, for 25 cents each.
Digital Camera
Another guy was selling these “Gameboy games” for $3 each. Niiiice.
Digital Camera
The SNES games were a lucky score, as I came upon the seller’s table just as he was setting them out, along with a big sign that said “Everything $1.00”.
The Genesis 3 was an interesting story… came upon one table loaded with gaming systems, including a Gamecube that looked like it had diet cola spilled on top of it. I saw the Genesis 3 and asked how much it was.
“Hold on,” the lady replied, “I gotta look it up on my phone.”
Oh geez, I thought, she’s looking it up on eBay. I simply hate it when people look up the price on eBay right in front of you. If I wanted to pay eBay prices, I’d freakin’ stay at home and buy it on eBay. I was just about to turn around and walk away when she walked back to me.
“I don’t see it on here… uh, five bucks?”
Sold. It’s a pretty damn good deal, though it’s just the bare unit. I don’t collect Genesis stuff, but I have a friend who does, so it’ll be going to him.
Digital Camera
Amid a stack of crappy Gamecube games, a couple of quality items for $2 each.
Digital Camera
And finally, a Goodwill find. Browsing through the DVDs, I found a couple of DS games marked at $5, Cooking Mama and Brain Age. I looked to see if the cartridge inside Cooking Mama had been stolen yet, and to my surprise it was still there. And upon opening up Brain Age…
Digital Camera
Yeah, I should start looking in DS cases more often.

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