Six Seconds

As I’m still six or so months away from saving up enough money to purchase a Wii U, I’m pleased to see that Nintendo is continuing to make improvements to the OS, which has fairly been called rather sluggish with 30 second load times to boot from the main menu to an actual game/app and vice versa. The latest update, due next month, reduces the load time down to a smooth six seconds, which sounds pretty damn quick to me…

Until you actually start reading the word vomit on webforums, who are quick to declare that six seconds is an ETERNITY! How can it still take six seconds? My iPhone can boot back to the main menu from a game in progress in MACRO-SECONDS! Sure, smartphones were built to allow you to jump back to the main menu quickly so you can, I dunno, ANSWER THE PHONE, while a video game console was built for actually playing video games, and you probably wouldn’t need to constantly jump between playing ZombiU and the main menu, BUT STILL!

Jeez, what kind of impatient, instant gratification losers find that SIX SECONDS is unacceptable? You idiots never would’ve survived the Sega CD era.

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